Kubo's Sushi & Washoku

Kubo’s Sushi & Washoku

always inspired by the spirits:
“natural,” “seasonal,” “warm,” and “gentle.”



In 2001, Kubo’s Sushi Bar & Grill opened its doors in Rice Village, holding an idea of bringing more authentic Japanese cuisine to Houston.

As its popularity grew, a tandem of Japanese restaurants followed - elevating Houston to a global tier in term of the selection and authenticity of Japanese cuisine available.

Kubo’s Sushi & Washoku debuted on Washington Avenue in the Spring of 2019, established with the support of Kubo’s loyal patrons.

Only the difference is emphasis not only on Sushi but also something represented with the word “Washoku”(literally means Japanese food). This word means not simply “Japanese food” but also traditional Japanese cuisine with “Kaiseki” spirits. In other words in selecting ingredients, preparing dishes and presenting them, ours are always inspired with the spirits: “natural”, “seasonal”, “warm” and “gentle”.  We hope you will find out the spirits when you try our dishes.